Facebook Full Site Desktop Version For Android Mobile [Updated 2017]

Accessing Facebook Full Site might be a challenge before, but now it's easy to do. Just keep on reading this post, you will get to know How to Get Facebook Full Site Desktop Version for Android. We have a separate post for How to access Facebook Full Site Desktop version for iphone and ipad

All users do not use Facebook on Laptop/Pc, some of them use it on Mobile also. All Mobile Web Browsers are redirected to their Mobile Version automatically.
There are two main reasons behind it, the first one is slow Internet Connection and the second one is to provide a better experience to users.

For Facebook Login we open www.facebook.com for Desktop and Android

Facebook Desktop Version for Android


Even if you are using Facebook on Mobile, you can get Facebook Computer Version on Android Mobile. Just follow the method which I Have shared Below.

How to Get Facebook Desktop Version on Android Mobile

Method #1) 

Open your Browser. I use Google Chrome and recommend you the Same. Select the three dots line at the top right corner, there you will get different menu now select the option of Request Desktop Site.

Acess Facebook Full Site Desktop Version

Acess Facebook Full Site Desktop Version

Method #2) 

Open the browser and enter the URL http://www.facebook.com/home.php

This is the damn simplest way to get Facebook Full Site or you can Say Facebook Desktop Version on Android Mobile.

So now you have the method for Desktop version for Facebook. Hope you all found it useful. Now you can access Facebook full site easily. We can say it Facebook computer version