How to Change IP Address in Google Chrome Mac?

Posted by akshay rohida

Proxies are huge in demand and used widely by Internet Marketers for different purposes. To avoid the footprints Proxies must be changed properly.

Many of them use it for PBN (private blog Network) which I never Do, some of them use to create tons of social media accounts or many other purposes.

I always recommend to buy proxies from buyproxies. Many of them use it as they are the most trusted sellers

So here I am to guide you for to change the Proxies in Google Chrome

Change IP Address Manually in Chrome Mac

Step #1) Go to the top right corner of chrome, there you will see 3 dotted lines vertically.

Step #2) Advanced Settings  >  Change Proxy settings 

Step #3) Connections  >  Lan Settings


Step #4) Now enter the IP address, port , username and password.

Step #5) Now Go to and enter "What is my IP Address" and you will see that your IP address has been Changed. 

There are many free Google Chrome Extensions for changing the IP's. But I do not recommend it. 

You can easily Change IP address with chrome addon or Google chrome extensions

Tip : Paid proxies are much more Beneficial, buyproxies is the best place to get quality Proxies. 

Hope you found this article useful.

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How to Block All Facebook Game Requests?

Posted by akshay rohida
Facebook Games are in demand as they have billions of active users on Facebook. But some of them think that it's a headache. As they get too much of Games Request on Facebook.

So if you are looking to Block all Facebook Game Requests than you are at right place.

Disable game requests on Facebook

1) Open Facebook, at the top right a small arrow key, under that select settings.

Block Facebook Game request

2) Now click to Notifications at the left side of the menu.

3) Now under notification settings select the option of  'On Facebook'

4) Now edit the option of App request and activity.

5) Now you will get the list of apps and Games, just turn it off whichever game or app requests or notifications you want to.

It's done 

So in this way you will be able to stop Facebook Game Invites on your iPhone, Android or on iPad.

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Parasite SEO 2016 Tutorial

Posted by akshay rohida
Parasite SEO

Once I had read an article about Parasite SEO on Blackhatworld forum. So from that post I got an idea and I keep on experimenting on Parasites sites.

SEO services are huge in demand and very expensive as it gives so good returns. On Page SEO  and Off Page SEO are two main types of SEO. You can read my article about basics of SEO.

So in this post, you will get to know everything about Parasite SEO.

What is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO means when you use other Large Authority Site Like Youtube, Facebook to create Pages, you rank these Facebook Pages or Youtube Videos by hitting the tons of Backlinks. You are ranking the Internal Pages of these authority sites, so do not think if you are ranking Facebook Page, it does not mean that you have ranked Facebook site. 

I recommend GSA or if you are tight on Budget you can buy GSA Backlinks from me.  It is similar like web 2.0 you create a Blog on Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr and you Build tier 2 to make Tier 1 Strong. In the case of Parasite Tier 1 is also strong, just you need to blast with GSA backlinks.

Google love these sites, these sites will never get penalized. Previously these sites were used for link Wheel or for tired link Building purposes.

I provide tons of GSA Backlinks. You can contact us for SEO services.

It's not only Backlinks you have to Blast, you need to proper Keywords, add LSI keywords, add untapped keywords. 

It will rank very well on search engines. 

I completely learned Parasite SEO in 2015. I did a lot of research on the Internet, it takes time to learn, understand and then implement. But parasite results are beneficial. 

There are many Parasite SEO ebook which you can buy it. If you read this post twice or thrice you do not need an ebook.

Parasite SEO List

Amazon Product Pages
Soundcloud Music Pages
Udemy Pages
Yahoo Answers

These sites have a great authority, google will never penalize. You can Blast it with GSA SER SEO tool. If you are tight on Budget to buy GSA, you can contact me. I can give you tons of GSA backlinks for $5.

Parasite SEO Charles Floate Video 

Benefits of Parasite SEO 

Local SEO 
Organic traffic
Video SEO
Building Brand

Charles Floate is a Big Name for Parasite SEO. His famous ebook

Rank a Facebook Page with Parasite

1) Name your Facebook Page with your Keyword.

2) Add a Cover Photo and profile Photo.

3) Add the Keywords, untapped keywords, LSI keywords into the post.

4) Write the Posts daily

5) Blast it with GSA SER.

It took me years to understand the process finally I got success for Parasite SEO in 2016 for my Facebook Pages and for Youtube Videos. Even some times I Rank Google Plus Pages.

Hope you all understand the concept of Parasite SEO 2016.

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eCommerce Wordpress Plugins to make the Work easier

Posted by akshay rohida
Wordpress Plugins makes the work more easier. Some are premium and some are free. For every type of Work, there are Plugins Available. eCommerce Wordpress Plugins are worth to install, as it has got too much of benefits. WP plugins can be used on Wordpress site only if you have a Blog on other platforms, then move your Blog to Wordpress. Somehow they are similar to Chrome Extensions.

While Planning about eCommerce site, many of you may question yourself that whether Does Wordpress Have eCommerce? The Answer is Yes, you can create it with the help of Plugins Listed Below

After reading the List you can easily do the Wordpress eCommerce Plugins Comparison

9 Best eCommerce Plugins for Wordpress

1) WooCommerce - The most popular eCommerce Plugin, which has covered over 37% of all Online Stores. So you can Imagine How Famous Plugin it is. According to WooCommerce it has over 16,206,565 Downloads. They have some Free and Paid Extension which can help you a lot for your eCommerce Site.

WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin

2) eCommerce Shopping Cart - It is compatible with most of the Wordpress Plugins. It can be easily used for Shopping Cart, Framework or Catalog. To make the store easy and useful it has powerful backend tool. For International Sales you will get various options International Taxes, various units, and Flexible, Multicurrency and custom price formats.

3) Orilla Cart - eCommerce - It supports different payment gateways like Paypal, skrill, FedEx express. Tax group Management and Orders management are done easily.

4) Easy Digital Downloads - For Wordpress Sites It is a complete solution for eCommerce. Distribution of Digital Downloads is the primary focus.

5) eCommerce Dashboard - The main Feature of this Plugin is it allows you to see stats of your eCommerce sales on your Mobile Device. It also supports WooCommerce. It also uses a QR Code to access the stats Page. It is damn easy to use.

6) eCommerce Shopping Cart by WP Easy Cart - You can easily set up an eCommerce site with this - Plugin. You can sell your retail products, add a gift card, offers and much more to attract the  are. It has various Features like Promotions and coupons, live shipping, Advance product Setup, Payment Gateway Like Paypal Pro, Paypal Standard, eWay, Payment Express,etc.

7) Wordpress Simple eCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin - You can easily sell Digital Downloads safely, tangible and physical products by Installing this amazing Plugin. Paypal Payments are accepted. It has a great safety for Digital Downloads

8) WP Marketplace - Complete Shopping Cart - The great plugin to build Marketplace and eshop. A complete solution for eCommerce easy to maintain it. It is a perfect plugin if you want a fully featured Online Store.

9) Shopp - It has over 50 payment processing services.more than 10 shipping rate providers. It is too much secured it passes PCI vulnerability scans every day.

So now you have the list of Best eCommerce Wordpress Plugins. Now you have to select the WP Plugin as per your need. I am pretty sure you will realize the benefits of my List of Plugins.

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CPA Networks for Beginners/Newbies

Posted by akshay rohida
CPA networks are growing up day by day and are huge in demand. CPA offers are a great way to make money on the Internet. CPA refers to cost per action. It is not affiliate marketing, if the user purchases the product then only you get commissions. You will make money as per the actions were taken by users on your CPA offers.

Every Internet Marketer needs Highest Paying CPA site, so as to make more Money.

There are many CPA sites, but I had shortlisted them and found a Great List of Best CPA networks for Newbies which has the great variety of offers. Even some of these networks come under Instant Approval.

Best CPA Networks for Beginners

1) Maxbounty - This is the first name it pops up when we think about CPA offers or CPA sites. Maxbounty Approval is not so easy, you have to fill up the form very nicely. After that, you will have to qualify for the phone interview. Learn How to Make Money with Maxbounty.


2) Clickbooth



CPA Lead

4) CPA Grip

CPA Grip

5) Peerfly


6) Adworkmedia

7) Ads Main

Ads Main

8) 1 Better Network

1 Better Network

9) Ad2Ads Network

10) NeverBlue

11) CPA Way

12) Convert2Media

13) CPA Trend

CPA trend

14) W4

15) Adperio

16) Fluent

17) Matomy

18) Above All Offers

19) Adknowledge

So now you have the List of Best CPA networks for Newbies, so start today by Joining them and promote their offers and make more money. 

In case if you have any queries related to post, contact me for CPA.

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Facebook Games to Play Online

Posted by akshay rohida
Facebook Games

Facebook Games are very easy to play and huge in Demand. No Doubt they are too much entertaining.

Games on Facebook are totally entertaining and you will really love to play those games again and again. Even you can Invite your Facebook Friends to play the Games on Facebook. Many of them think that What are some Good Facebook Games? because the list is too big. But I have a short and Good Facebook Games List.

25 Best Facebook Games List

1) Candy Crush

2) Criminal Case

3) The Pioneer Trial 

4) Hit it Rich

5) Letters of Gold

6) Real Madrid Fantasy Manager

7) Township 

8) Jelly splash

9) Angry Brides

10) Social City

11) Words with Friends

12) Dragon City

13) Zynga Poker

14) Zynga Bingo

15) Pet Society 

16) Cafe World 

17) Words With Friends

18) Angry Bird Friends

19) Marvel : Avengers Alliance

20) Pet Society

21) Pearl's Peril

22) SimCity Social

23) Apensar

24) King's Road

25) Kim Kardashian : Hollywood

Some of them get fed up of games so I suggest you to read this article of How to Block Games on Facebook.

Hope you will like these all Facebook Games. Keep playing these Free Games Online. I can say surely that these are the Best Facebook Games Ever. 

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Facebook Full Site Desktop Version Access it Easily on Android Mobile

Posted by akshay rohida

Accessing Facebook Full Site might be a challenge before, but now it's easy to do. Just keep on reading this post, you will get to know.

All users do not use Facebook on Laptop/Pc, some of them use it on Mobile also. All Mobile Web Browsers are redirected to their Mobile Version. There are two main reasons behind it, the first one is slow Internet Connection and the second one is to provide a better experience to users.

Even if you are using Facebook on Mobile, you can get Facebook Computer Version on Mobile. Just follow the method which I Have shared Below.

How to Get Facebook Desktop Version on Android Mobile

Method #1) 

Open your Browser. I use Google Chrome and recommend you the Same. Select the three dots line at the top right corner, there you will get different menu now select the option of Request Desktop Site.

Method #2) 

Open the browser and enter the URL

This is the damn simplest way to get Facebook Full Site or you can Say Facebook Desktop Version on Android Mobile.

So now you have the method for Desktop version for Facebook. Hope you all found it useful. Now you can access Facebook full site easily.

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