Show hidden files in windows 10

In this post you will learn about How to show hidden Files in windows 10.

Windows 10

About hidden files

Hidden files are a type of file in windows operating system, there are two type, read only which can be viewed and edit, the other one is hidden which cannot be seen unless you tweak some of your settings, and when it is viewable you can change or edit anything in it. Some of the important files are default hidden by the windows operating system and you can also hide some files for safety and security purpose. I will show you how to view or hide files and folder in windows in this post.

How to See hidden files in windows 10?

There are two types of hidden files in windows operating system, one is which you have manually changed the file format to hidden and the other is system protected hidden files and folders, we do not recommend you to edit or do anything with the system protected hidden files as damaging them may result to corruption of your operating system or your computer will brick. You can hide your files and folders easily by going to the settings and click on the hidden option in file type.
Below I have mentioned two methods to view or hide your hidden files in windows 10 operating system. Follow the steps carefully for perfect working method.
Method 1
  • First of all, scan your whole system and make sure that everything is working and functioning fine in your computer.
  • Now go to the file or folder location where you have the hidden files or go to the directory of which you want to hide your files and folders.
  • Now in the directory click on the view on the menu tab and you will have a small mini options under the menu tab.
  • The second last option is the Show or hide option, click on the option and click on hidden items to view all the hidden files and folders in that directory.
In this method you can only view the hidden files and you cannot hide them again, check the below method to do both.
Method 2
  • First of all, scan your whole system and make sure that everything is working and functioning fine in your computer.
  • Now go to the file or folder location where you have the hidden files or go to the directory of which you want to hide your files and folders.
  • Now in the directory click on the view on the menu tab and you will have a small mini options under the menu tab.
  • The last option is an options menu itself, click it and you will have a new “Folder options” windows opened.
  • Click on the view tab on the menu tabs and you can see the advanced settings, under that you can see a folder like icon with name “Hidden files and folders”.
  • Under that you will have two options, one is to hide the hidden files and the other is to view the hidden files, choose accordingly.

These are the two method with which you can see hidden files in windows 10. 
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Top Free Live Sports Streaming sites

About Sports Streaming Sites

Sports are some of the famous entertainments and skill based games which were first watchable only live, but now you can stream any type of sports, be it football, cricket, basketball, tennis or whatever it may be you can stream them live with some special replays and etc. But there are a lot of websites to stream free live sports in internet, I will list the best ones below.

Top 5 Best Free Live Sports Streaming websites:

  1. Watch ESPN

    Watch ESPN is a famous sports streaming website which stream all famous sports like football, cricket, etc. Everyone knows ESPN channel, which is famous and one of the trusted websites with no ads around or in between the streaming. The schedule for all the sports which are available in live streaming are beautifully listed in the website itself, so you can always check it out. The user interface and the video player in this website are very simple and good looking.
  2. From Hot

    From hot is a great website for online sports streaming. They stream all types of sports and also some rare sports like Motor sports, cycling, golf, baseball which other sport streaming websites don’t stream. This website is great for one reason because of which many users prefer this site, which is this site has some recordings of some big matches and also full world cup final matches, etc. This website has some ads around the streaming player but none of them disturbs you.
  3. Laola

    Laola is one of the oldest and the best website to stream sports for free, everyone prefer this website as you can stream the sports in high definition which will have awesome quality and you will love watching these sports in HD as it will give more realistic experience to the viewers. This website has a very cool and advanced user interface. You can also share links of live streaming using the social share buttons below the video player and enjoy together.
  4. VIP League

    VIP league is a famous sports streaming site with a lots of advanced feature which most of the sites doesn’t possess. The best part of this site is that it is available in multiple languages like Deutsch, Francis, etc. There is a main clock in the website in which you can set your home time and all the sports timings will be displayed according to your timings, another great thing about this site is you can change the theme of this website and customize it to your own look.
  5. All Sport Live

    Everyone knows this sports streaming site which is the last site in your list of top 5 best sports streaming websites. This website is absolutely free to use and also has no ads in the site and the user interface is also good and you can stream the sports in full high definition. The registration to this website is also free and anyone with sports interest can sign up for free and enjoy their services.

Now you can watch sports Online for anywhere with the use of this free Live Sports Streaming Sites
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How to fix rats WebGL hit a snag error [2017 Method]

About WebGL

WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library which is an API which chrome offers for high end JavaScript interactive computer graphics in 3D and also in 2D. The main objective of this function is to provide high end graphics using the computer’s GPU without using any additional plugins. This error occurs mostly when the website you visited has more graphics that the computer or the browser couldn’t handle.

About Rats! WebGL hit a snag error

You will face this error when you tried to visit some of the sites which is probably a stimulation or a gaming website which needs graphics and a graphical processing unit to render the functions of that website. So when the browser could not render the graphics of that website it will throw a rats WebGL hit a snag error.

How to Fix rats WebGL hit a snag error?

There are 2 fixes for the error and you can only fix it if the graphics rendered by the website is supported in your computer graphical processing unit. So, try both the methods mentioned below to fix your annoying error.
The first method to fix this error is to disable the hardware acceleration because it will disable some of the less intense functions and uses only high processing functions to process the graphical processing unit request. Below is a detailed method to disable Hardware Accelerated Graphics in google chrome browser.

Method 1)
  • Open you chrome browser and go to settings or browse the following URL and scroll down till the end and click on advanced settings.

    URL to enter: chrome://settings
  • After the browsers shows you the advanced settings, check for the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option in the list of the options.
  • And uncheck this options and you will have the problem fixed. Just restart your browser and try visiting the same page again, you will probably get it!
If you still face any problem, then try the method 2 fix, it will surely fix your error for sure because in this method you will directly turn of the web graphics library and force you to install the recommended plugins.

Method 2)
  • Open your google chrome browser and enter the following URL and hit enter.

    URL to browse: chrome://flags
  • Now you will get a lot of options, search for the disable WebGL option, if you could not find it then press CTRL + F and enter WebGL and you will get the option directly.
  • Now just enable the option “Disable WebGL” and close the tab.
  • Now restart your chrome browser and the problem will be fixed. You will no longer see the error in those websites again. And you will be forced to install some plugins for the graphics rendering.
If still the problem precedes you have no option, you have to change the browser or try upgrading your operating system, browser or your graphical processing unit, this will fix the problem if you upgrade them to the latest versions.

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Best Torrent Sites [2017 Latest]

About torrent sites

Torrent sites are websites that provide torrent files to download, most of them are absolutely free and the files which are downloaded through the torrent sites are really big. In internet almost all the big files and uploaded and downloaded via the torrent technology, there are a lot of torrent websites around us, so I will list the top 5 best torrent sites to download torrents.

Top 5 Best Torrent Sites

1. Extra Torrent:
This is one of the oldest and the famous torrent download website, there were a lot of sites which came out around the time of creation of Extra torrent but most of them were removed as it was having illegal torrent and stuff, but this is one of the site that survived everything and is stable till now with best user service and the features of this website is also very good from the user end.
2. The Private Bay:
This is one of the best website to download any types of torrent, this site lists around millions of torrents which are uploaded and updated daily, you can download almost anything like movies, games, softwares, songs, TV series, etc. and everything is absolutely free to download. This website usual changes their domain regularly for security purposes, so check out google from the right domain, currently it is using their official org domain.
If you download movies online or get movies from your friends and families which they downloaded online, then you will surely know about the YTS AG websites, this is one of the best website which provides movies in almost all known languages, this is an international movie download website which has movies from all over the world, their database of torrent files is itself very large, you can image the collection of movies they may own.
Rarbg is another great torrent site like the private bay which has everything niche of torrent, this websites have all the latest cracked versions of the game, movies, TV series, songs, albums, TV shows, operating system image files, software and a lot more. You can get almost anything from this torrent site. It is one of the oldest torrent site that was created at 2008 itself which had millions of users by 2010 and rated as one of the best website by 2013. All the torrent files are available for free download in this website. The only con of this site is it has a lot of ads in it.
5. 1337X
The last site on our list is 1337X which is another beautiful site to download torrents, this site also contains torrents files for movies, games, TV series, softwares, etc. and is also one of the oldest torrent site with a lot of trusted users. This was a famous website once upon a time which had a collection of all famous movies and games, where everyone came here to download movies and games via torrent.

Hope you all enjoyed the list of 5 best Torrent Sites
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Best Kodi Addons

About Kodi

Kodi is a television based android application which has a hell lot of features, add-ons and a lot of thing which you couldn’t even imagine of. You can do everything in kodi in your smart TV that you do on your android smartphone, there are a lot of kodi add-ons for watching movie, TV shows, TV series and songs, sports, news, radio and also Live TV channels.
In this post I will list the top 5 best kodi add-ons that everyone must try!

Top 5 Kodi Add-ons:

1      1) Exodus

Exodus is a wonderful kodi add-on developed and published by Lambda, this add-on features almost all the Hollywood movies, and also other language popular movies, TV shows, TV series, some songs and a lot more video, the interface of this app is very simple and materialistic. The category and the search section of this add-on is really great that you can sort out the movies directed by a particular director, the movies with same heroes, etc. so that you can search and find any movie that you wish.

2    2) Stream Engine

Stream Engine is another great plugin which is specialized for sports, in this add-on you will find almost any sport that you could think of, sports like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, hockey, wrestling and a lot more sports are stream live in this add-on. Also it live streams several sports TV channels like Sky Sports, NBA TV, ESPN, etc. This add on also stream movies, TV shows, songs, etc. and the add-on is completely free to download and also one of the most popular kodi add-on which has 4-star rating.

3      3) Anime GO

Anime GO is a great add-on for kodi which live stream many animes and cartoons from all over the world. This add-on features over 500 different animes and cartoon series from all countries. This add-on is specially streaming most of the Japanese series which add-on couldn’t. You can search for any anime you want using the tool provided by the add-on itself, you can sort out the animes from different countries too. This add-on is free to download from the official website and the installation process of this add-on on kodi is also very simple.

4       4) iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW is a kodi add-on which stream all TV channel live. Many people use kodi specially for this add-on as it is replacement for the cable connection TV channel and you can discontinue the TV cable connection and use kodi and this add-on to watch all channel lively. This add-on has almost all famous TV channels listed, so you will never miss any of your favorite TV channel.

5      5) X movies 8

X Movies 8 is a famous websites to stream all the new movies which every movie lover will surely know about, this is their official kodi plugin through which you can steam all the movies that are available in their website.So, if you are a movie lover and want to watch new movies, then this is a must try add-on for you.

     Hope you all enjoyed the list of Best Kodi Addons 2017
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Free Robux Hack No Survey No Human Verification

Gaming is always a time killing mode of excessive entertainment, everyone from kids to adults everyone loves game, the new technology in gaming like virtual reality, argumented reality, user customizable options had taken the gaming experience to a whole new level, day by day the game users are increasing rapidly. This post is about How to Get Free Robux or Roblox Hack No Survey No Human Verification. We have also written about Clash of Clans Hack and 8 Ball Pool Hack 

About the Robux Game

In this post we will see about a game known as the ‘Robux’ which is a soccer game which is user customizable, this game has over million downloads from all around the world and we will mainly discuss about the hack available for this game which is popularly known as Free Robux Generator or Robux Hack tool which gives further more flexibility to the game by letting you edit the things which are locked also in the game.

Features of Robux Hack tool

Very great tool to up come all your obstacles in your game.
The tool also has some white hat techniques to make you to travel to greater levels, which does not violate the terms and conditions of the game.
You will get unlimited currency when you use this tool as it gives you unlimited access to everything which is paid earlier in the game.
Get unlimited Robux using the robolux hack tool
You can generate unlimited number of tickets or tix using this wonderful tool.
The tool is not password protected or encrypted, you can directly visit their website and use it.
You need not download the tool to use it, you can simply visit the site and use the tool to generate anything in the game.
As I have mentioned the article title, there is no need to complete any surveys or complete any task to access this tool, it is completely open source. (Some countries are exceptional)
It is not operating system dependent, you can use this hack tool in any operating system, as you need not download and install the app, you just have to visit through your browser and use it.
The user interface of the application is very cool and safe.
It works on all devices, so you can enjoy both the game and the hack tool on any device and any operating system.
This tool provides free support to the users, you will never find any free service with customer support, they may have FAQs, but this tool provides support too.

Why this Roblox Hack tool is best?

The hack provided in this post is very safe and secure to use, and it does not harm your device in any manner. The one best advantage of this application is that you need not download the hack tool and hack the application, you can directly hack it using the hack tool online, this is why many users love this hack tool a lot.
Everyone uses hack for this game as it charges very high rates for unlocking new levels, or features in game so people hack the game and use all the features for free. You can eventually go to the top position using the new hack tool named as Roblox Robux generate. I hope you found this post useful, share you feedbacks in the comment section below.
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Get Facebook Full Site Desktop version for iphone and ipad

Facebook is one of the oldest and the best site to social network. They provide a lot of good features and they are always unique and every feature in Facebook are unique and due to which they got a lot of users and it is very addictive too. Facebook introduced their mobile application 3 years back and they attracted every user to use it. They even had a mandatory step to sign up or login in Facebook app which is to like their Facebook mobile page which is currently having 700 million likes, this states the success of the Facebook application. So this post is about How to Get Facebook Full Site Desktop version for iphone and ipad. Before I had explained How to Access Facebook Full Site Desktop version for Android.

Get Facebook Full Site Desktop version for iphone and ipad

Even though the application is very handy and anyone with a smartphone can use Facebook app anytime, anywhere in the world. But many users wanted to use Facebook desktop version only because some of the features that they had in Facebook Full Site desktop version which is not present in Facebook applications and there are also Facebook app only features, but people find Facebook desktop as more efficient and convenient.

The three major mobile operating systems that features Facebook mobile applications are android, iOS and windows, so in this post I will walk you through a step by step guide on how to access Facebook desktop version in iOS mobiles.

How to Access Facebook Full Site Desktop Version in Iphone?

The methods mentioned below are very easy and noob friendly. Follow the steps below carefully to open the facebook desktop version in mobile.

Method – 1: Accessing using different URLs

You can choose any website you want, every website will deduct your website request device with your MAC address, so they will probably app some extra tag like “?m=1” or redirect to their mobile version site with a separate URL like or for more basic version, so you can easily manipulate the like and open the facebook desktop version, below are the links mentioned which will open facebook desktop version in any device, try them all.
This method will work on almost all the iPhone and iPads except for the old ones. If you still did not get the requested version, then try the method below, you will get it for sure.

Method – 2: Using inbuilt Browser options

All leading browsers like google chrome, safari, etc. have inbuilt option to request desktop version of any website, so let’s use this option to open Facebook desktop version.

For Chrome Users:

Open your chrome browser and open the Facebook website, now whatever the version you get in browser, just click on the three dots in the top right corner and enable the Request desktop site check box, it will reload the page in Facebook desktop version.

For Safari Users:

Open your chrome browser and open the facebook website, now whatever the version you get in browser, select the option menu bottom and scroll to the right little bit and you will find an option Request Desktop Site same as google chrome browser, click on it and the browser will reload to Desktop version.

In this way you can Get Facebook Full Site Desktop version for iphone and ipad.
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