10 Best Landing Page Plugins

Posted by akshay rohida
Landing Pages are huge in Demand and are always beneficial. With the help of Landing Pages you can grow your Online Business very well. It helps for leads and conversions.

What is Landing Page ?

A Webpage which helps to convert the visitors into customers. The main Intention is to get leads and conversion. It can surely help to get Conversions. Look at pro-Bloggers Blog, everyone has there Landing Page on their Blog. They know that this is the best way to get Leads. Hope you got the Landing Page meaning.

There are two types of Landing Page Lead Capture and Click through.

Lead Capture is for collecting emails or any other data.

Click through is to take to another page

There are many Landing Page Example you can get on Internet.

Landing Page vs Homepage

Both are Important and both have different goals. First Impression is the Last Impression. Home Page is like a Front door of your House. Homepage is the first Impression if visitors found Homepage attractive it will be beneficial for you. Visitors love unique Homepage. Homepage defines the status of your Site.

There are many tools for creating a squeeze page or Landing Page. Most of them are paid. Nothing is free into this world, mostly the quality work is never done for free.

I will give you a list of Wordpress Plugins for Creating Wordpress Landing Pages

Best Wordpress Landing Page Plugin and Themes

1) Leadpages - It is a great platform to build Quality Landing Pages. If you want to create it in short time and a Quality One, then you must go for Leadpages.

Leadpages Landing Page Plugin

2) Profit Builder

Profit Builder Landing Page Plugin

3) Beaver Builder

Beaver Landing Page Plugin

4) Wordpress Landing Pages

5) Easy Landing Page

6) Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon

7) Live Landing Page Composer

8) AIO WP Builder

9) Parallax Gravity

10) WP Lead Plus (Free) Squeeze Page Creator.

11) WP Lead Plus (Premium)

Now you the List of Wordpress Plugins to Create Landing Page. Hope you all enjoyed. You all can easily create a Landing Page.

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Youtube SEO 2016 : How to Rank your Youtube Videos ?

Posted by akshay rohida

Ranking Videos on Youtube is the tough challenge, neither it is impossible. Youtube is the second Largest Search Engine Globally, it is owned by Google. Basically, people upload videos, daily millions of videos are uploaded, so you can Imagine how popular it is. Alexa Rank is 3.

If you violate the terms and conditions, your Channel will get terminated. So if you are thinking to spam on it, it will not work.

There are many tools for Youtube Video Rank Checker. People are curious to get fast results without knowing the method. Many of them ask me How to Rank Youtube Videos fast? 

If you do not know about SEO, you can read my post What is SEO? Basics types of SEO

I Never tried any Youtube SEO software, so I do not recommend it. 

Before getting into the main topic let me show you my Perfomance for Youtube Video Ranking. I own the Channel called Gadget World. 

Youtube SEO

SEO for Youtube Channel

1) Keep the Youtube Channel name related to your Niche, or you can use any Keyword as channel Name.

2) Add a creative Channel Art and write a unique description about the channel.

3) Create and add Social Pages to your Channel. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Pages works better. Create a Blog and Link to your Channel.

3) Try to Upload atleast 10 videos in a month.

4) Upload Longer Videos.

5) Quality videos with unique Content.

6) Do not upload any copied or copyright videos.

7) If you are using any song, first ask the permission and give the credits to them.

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Youtube Video SEO

1) Video Keywords 

Collect the Video Keywords and make a list of your Keywords. Keyword must be there into title. And the Keywords you collected make the sentences and write into the description. 

Now if you confused how to find the keywords for Youtube Video, I have the method for you. 

Video Keywords

Look at the Image carefully, I entered one Keyword and founded many related Keywords, these video Keywords you can use in the There are many free and paid tools for finding the keywords. Free tools like Google Keyword Planner, where you can see the volume of searches, competition and CPC of the keyword. 

2) Tags 

Add as many related tags as you can. Only Related keywords add as many tags, unrelated tags will harm your rankings and will be a great chance to ban your account. Just follow the above method for keywords and all that Keywords into the tags.

Youtube SEO Tags
Youtube SEO Tags

3) Thumbnail

Add an Attractive and related thumbnail. If your Youtube Channel is phone verified than only you can add a custom thumbnail. So first do phone verification for your Channel.

4) Description

Write A description of atleast 300+ words, write the description as you are writing a Blog post. Make sure your description is SEO friendly, it will help for rankings. Add the description which is related to your video, what all you have explained into the video. 

5) Social Shares 

Share your Youtube Video on every social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, Instagram and many more.

Now the On Page SEO is done for your Youtube Video. Now there are different factors for off Page SEO.

Understand the Youtube and Google Algorithm. Both are different, but both focuses more on Content.

Youtube Algorithm works mostly on user engagement like views, likes, comments and subscribers.

Google Algorithm also works on user engagement, but it gives priority to Quality Backlinks.

Many of the Experts recommend and do Parasite SEO with Youtube Videos.

Some of them buy views, likes and Subscribers. But I do not recommend them. But we do provide Quality backlinks to rank your Youtube videos on Google. You can add me on skype - seo_alexa002.

Now you have these Youtube SEO tips, its time to Implement this method.

Hope you all Loved my Youtube SEO Tutorial

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How to List your Business on Yelp?

Posted by akshay rohida
Listing the Business on Yelp is must if you are having a Local Business in United States of America. Many people who have offline business get confused to list there offline Business on Online sites. Questions pop up in mind like Is Yelp free for business? After reading this post it will be easier for you all to claim your Business on Yelp.

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List Your Business on Yelp 

1) Create an account on Yelp, if you have an account just Log in. To add the business you must have an Yelp Account

2) Now at the search bar, search for the loaction and the business which you have. Suppose you have a restaurant in New York, than search for New York restaurants. There are other filters like neighborhoods, distance and price.

3) If you found your Business in the listing than too good, if not you need to add your Business Listing.
List your Business on Yelp

List your Business on Yelp 

4) There is an option of Add a business, click on it. or you can directly go to https://biz.yelp.com/signup_business/new?utm_campaign=add_business&ybt_target=modal_button_biz&utm_content=add_business_as_owner&utm_source=search_page&ybt_page_variant=biz_not_found_in_search_result&ybt_device_os=desktop&utm_medium=www&ybt_page=search&ybt_property=consumer_site

5) As you can see the options of country, Business Name, Address, city, state, zip and phone number and your Website. If you have your website it can really help you to grow your Local Business in United States of America.

List your Business on Yelp
List your Business on Yelp 

Note : If you want to create a website for your local business, you can hire me , my skype - seo_alexa002.

6) You have to enter your details properly, so that it will become easy for Yelp moderators to approve your Business Listings. As soon you complete the submiting the details, it will take 48 hours to get your Listings live on Yelp. The moderators will check and approve it.

Enter the proper and correct details, mainly the contact information. People save the contact information, if they love your Business.

Yelp reviews can grow your Business rapidly. Some of them buy Yelp reviews and grow there Business 10x. Yelp Elite members are in demand, there reviews can help you a Lot.

Now you Have the method so you can easily List your Business on Yelp

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Convert Youtube Videos to MP3 and Download it and Save it for free

Posted by akshay rohida

Converting Youtube Videos to MP3 is in demand because Youtube has a large variety of videos and it is owned by Google and is trusted by maximum number of users.

Daily millions of videos are uploaded on Youtube.

And the other reason is many sites which have list of songs to download is mostly monetized by pop up ads. It's kind of weird, never make your audience nervous. Give them for what purpose they came on your website.

You do not need Youtube Video Convertor or MP3 downloader, with my method you can easily convert Videos of Youtube to MP3 for free.

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How to Convert Youtube Videos into MP3 for Free?

1) Open Youtube Video which you want to convert into Mp3.

2) Copy the Link of the Video as shown in the given Image Below.

3) Now open  http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ and paste the URL which you had copied before.

4) Hit the option of Convert Video.

5) The video will be converted and it will start downloading.

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So this method is too easy you can easily convert the Youtube video into MP3 for free and Download it and save it.

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Fix Google Play Store Error 927 with these 3 Methods

Posted by akshay rohida

Google Play store has been used by all Android users. But there are many errors on Play Store of Google. So I will help you to fix these errors.

Sometimes due to these errors, play store cannot download apps. So your mood will get pissed off. So Here we have a solution for your problem.

Many of the apps are free to download on play store, but some of them are paid. There are many things like Games, music and movies. 

Google Play services are huge in demand. 

How to Fix Play Store Error like 927 ?

Method 1 - Clear Cache of Apps and Smartphones

Clear cache of Apps

1)First  Open Settings Tab  > Select the App whose cache you want to clear.

2) I step by Step open all Apps and clear all cache of the Apps. 

3) Hit the option of clear cache.

Clear Cache of Smartphone

1) Open Settings Tab

2) Select storage >  Click to clear cache.

Method 2 - Re Add  Google account to your Play store

Remove your Google Account by going to system settings > Account than Google and then remove your gmail account.

Force Stop the Play Store and clean the data and cache files.

Now Re Add your Google Account.

Method 3 - Uninstall Old Updates.

Every App needs to be updated. Even for Famous Apps like Whatsapp we update it. So for Play store also.

1) Open Play Store, settings > device and now locate the app of google play store.

2) At the corner you can see three dots, just click to it.

3) Click to uninstall updates.

Now you have 3 methods to Fix the Play store error 927. Hope it worked for you all.

Anyways if it do not works you can contact us anytime. 

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How to Become a Yelp Elite Member ?

Posted by akshay rohida
Yelp Elite Members Has a great reputation as compared to other regular members. Yelp is getting too much famous in terms of local Business Listing in USA. In United States mostly everyone has listed their Business on Yelp.

Previously I Explained How to Write a Good Yelp Review and How to report a Yelp review?

Sometimes questions might pop up in your mind like "How long does it takes to Become Yelp Elite? How many Yelp elites are there? How many reviews to become Yelp Elite ?

Everything will be explained to you in neat manner.

Yelp Elite is not an easy, the main thing is that it takes time to make more friends, to write more Honest reviews and to get votes or ratings for the reviews.

Yelp Elite Benefits

1) Elite Badge shows you are not a spammer

2) As soon as you become elite you will be automatically qualified for some exclusively country clubs. 

3) Nobody will Report your review, as you profile has good reputation.

4) You may be Invited for Yelp events and would be given free gifts and tshirts.

How to Become a Yelp Elite

1) Create a Legit Profile with all your real details and real photos. Upload your real photos more and more photos. 

2) Write an Honest Reviews for Multiple Local business. Honest review meaning real reviews. Learn How to Write a Good Yelp Review? 

Write more and more Reviews with your real experience. Upload the photos of the place, add the ratings. Make it 100 % Legit.

How to become a Yelp Elite Member ?

3) Make More Friends on Yelp. People accepts easily to all Real Yelp Profiles. So if your profile is real, you do not have to worry about increasing the number of friends. Keep messaging to your friends like how you do on Facebook.

4) React to other Yelpers Review, this will grow your page views of your profile page and you will gain more visitors and friends.

5) Always check In while writing a review, it looks more legit.

5) Now if you have too much Friends and Reviews, nominate yourself for elite. Just go to https://www.yelp.com/elite and enter the details. Moderators will review the form and they will approve you for Yelp elite, if you are suitable for it.

Yelp Elite Nomination

Now it's upto you How you follow my method to become a Yelp Elite Member. You can add me on skype - seo_alexa002 for any queries related to Yelp Elite.

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How to Get a Dofollow Backlink from Facebook?

Posted by akshay rohida

Dofollow Backlink from a High PR sites like Facebook is like a GEM. Plus it is free of cost. Hardly it will take 5 minutes

So many of times you might have thinked of How to get Backlinks from Facebook? What if you get Dofollow backlink from PR 9.

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Learn Youtube SEO

Facebook Dofollow Backlink for Free

1) First sign up for Facebook, Login and then create a Facebook Page like how I created aktechblog Page. 

2) Add the profile Photo and cover photo for your Facebook Fan Page.

3) Add all the details, quality details like description, your Website Address. 

4) Now open the Facebook app called Static HTML.

5) Click to Add Static HTML Page > Add static HTML Page > Add Page Tab.

Facebook Static HTML Page

6) As soon as you selected the Fan Page, open that Page you will get a Welcome Tab.
Facebook Page

7) Now hit to Set Up Tab 

8) Enter the code given Below, just change the Webpage URL and anchor text as per your need.

The process is damn easy. Feel free to contact Us for any web queries related to articles

Facebook Popularity

1)  According to Wikipedia the revenue of Facebook is $17.928 Billion.

2) More than 1.65 Billion Active users.

3) Alexa Rank of Facebook is 3

4) The most Popular Social Networking Site Globally.

5) Page Rank is 9.

6) Domain Authority is 100

So now just think about it If you are getting Dofollow backlink from Facebook, How much benefits you will Get. It will take only 5 minutes.

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